Management consultants between Turkey and Italy textile, apparel & fashion industry

At Italianhab, we believe nothing is more important than creating value.

Italianhab’s services range from industrial and technology support for setting-up, improving and restructuring textile and clothing manufacturing operations to strategy and marketing services for new market entry, new product development, supply chain management, branding, retailing, partner search and future strategies build-up.

Italianhab is a consulting company in being able to combine specialized expertise in the technical areas with Turkey and Italian marketing and strategy know-how and networking.

Italianhab approach  is quite unique and very effective. We help identify best strategic fit parties, collect relevant intelligence and establish top-level contacts and negotiation lines - all this while guaranteeing the highest level of confidentiality.

Our services include

  • Design
  • Industrial and technological support for initial set-up
  • Improving and restructuring current textile and clothing manufacturing operations
  • Branding
  • New product development
  • Retailing
  • Supply chain management
  • Strategy and marketing services for new market entry
  • Partner search
  • Future strategies build-up